Mainstream media loves fascism

By THOMAS REICH | DEC 05, 2018

Far-right pundit and Pillsbury Doughboy impersonator Erick Erickson revealed his inner authoritarian.

"The US spends $618 million in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico. We could double that and it'd still only be 11% of the cost of the wall. And we could deploy the money to find and prop up the next generation of Pinochet types," Erickson tweeted. "Support strong leaders who will force through free market reforms and promote economic stability, even if with a heavy hand."

"I think there may be holes in this plan," commented Josiah Neeley, to which Erickson responded, "I'm hoping for some helicopters in this plan."

For those of you who don't know, Augusto Pinochet was the US-propped fascist dictator of Chile from 1973 to 1990. He was an avowed worshipper of the free-market and the Chicago school of economics (Milton Friedman's economic school of thought). He was notorious for having leftists thrown out of helicopters.

Erickson, who ironically considers himself libertarian, is the former editor-in-chief of RedState (but is the current John Candy look-alike world champion). He is a Resistor and an anti-Trumper.

Erickson is also a CNN contributor. Meanwhile, CNN has fired Marc Lamont Hill simply for calling for "a free Palestine," because saying Palestinian children shouldn't be murdered by an apartheid police state is a big no-no, but idolizing a literal fascist dictatorship is just fine.

o if anyone says that mainstream media has a left-wing bias, gently remind them how much of a fucking moron they're being. They continue to force-feed us Norm doubles who openly praise far-right tyrants. Erickson isn't even on the fringes of the mainstream media - he's a major voice. And yet people like me (who support policies overwhelmingly supported by the majority of Americans) are considered fringe, far-left conspiracy theorists.

It's because populist left ideas, like making sure poor people get good healthcare without going bankrupt, aren't edgy or sexy, but authoritarian far-right ideas, like throwing human beings out of helicopters, are.

Mainstream media loves fascism.


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