I'm very suspicious

By THOMAS REICH | DEC 08, 2018

I will admit that changing the theme of Evil Liberals was one of the dumbest possible things I could ever do.

This dumbass chose a theme with a black background, not realizing that everything I ever wrote in this blog was in black.

As a result of my stupidity, I have to go back to every single post and change the color of the text to white.

What makes all of this even more frustrating is that it's refusing to save some of the changes I keep making on the posts.

There are some that did change, but it looks to me like half of all my content is still invisible. And I keep trying to change the text white, but when I update it, it only changes it in blotches, and in many cases, not at all. There are entire articles that are invisible.

Here's where I get really suspicious of Blogger.

Some of the articles that are mostly or completely invisible are the ones where I absolutely destroy the Democrats and the mainstream media.

Now I do realize that Blogger is prone to bugs, and many users have had problems in the past.

But why am I mostly having difficulties with posts eviscerating the Establishment?

It's almost as if Blogger (which is owned by Google) has an agenda.


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