Three states fight net neutrality

Texas Attorney General's Office

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 04, 2018

Twenty-two states have taken a stand against Corrupt Ajit Pai and have challenged the FCC's net neutrality repeal in a lawsuit.

But the attorney generals of Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska have filed a brief defending Pai and urging federal judges to reject the lawsuit.

Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska are overriding the will of the people and fighting net neutrality.

They want you to have slow and expensive internet.

Now, midterms are in two days.

Justin Nelson is challenging Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is the lead signatory of the brief. I wouldn't consider him much of a progressive, but he sure isn't Droopy Eyed Ken Paxton (who is also being indicted on corruption charges), and he does support net neutrality.

Go out and vote for Nelson.