There will be no peace in Yemen


y THOMAS REICH | NOV 20, 2018

Apparently, the Houthis and the terrorist Saudis are looking towards a ceasefire after a Houthi leader promised to end their rocket and drone attacks against the Saudi-led coalition.

"We are willing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just and honourable peace if they really want peace for the Yemeni people," said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the group's Supreme Revolutionary Committee.

If you've read at least one of my other posts about North Korea or Camer
oon, or if you've seen one of my videos about Syria, Iran, or Russia, you'd know that I'm one of the most vehement anti-war activists on the Internet.

With that being said, the Houthis need to keep fighting.

The Saudis don't really want peace. It's a trap.

Even if the Houthis stop fighting, I can promise you the Saudis will keep dropping the bombs (that we gave them).

If the Houthis stop fighting, there won't be peace; they'll just be left defenseless. More innocent people - children - will die.

Believe me, I want peace in Yemen too. But it's not up to the Yemeni people to end the bloodshed. It's up to the United States government.

Our government continues to prop up the Saudi regime. It supplies their stockpile. It hands them the bombs that kill innocent Yemenis. It cares more about the Saudis than us, the American people.

Only when our government cuts off every cent of funding for this evil regime will there be peace. But until that happens, the Houthis cannot let their guard down.


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