Republican starts new progressive movement: Food Stamps for All

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 29, 2018

Thomas Massie, Republican congressman from Kentucky's 4th district, just unknowingly sparked a new progressive campaign: SNAP for All.

"How long until someone runs on the platform of #FoodStampsForAll? If healthcare is a right, is food as well?" Massie sarcastically tweeted.

To answer his question, yes. Why not?

We consider healthcare to be a right because it can be the difference between life and death, and we find it immoral that some (45,000, to be exact) cannot afford to survive. So to combat that, we propose giving every American a Medicare card, which gives them free access to healthcare.

We also need food to survive. About 40 million Americans are food insecure. So, why not give every American an EBT card, giving them free access to groceries?

Thank you, Thomas Massie. You will forever be an icon in the progressive movement.

(I've already asked Joshua Lee Collins to run on it.)


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