Rebuttal to idiotic endorsement of right-wing Democrat

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 04, 2018

I was poking around on Twitter (follow me @treich42602) when a Daily Kos post entitled “We Might Have Just Picked Up Another Senate Seat” caught my eye.

The title really piqued my curiosity, given that nearly all of the Democrats challenging incumbent Republican Senators are incredibly pathetic. The only seat that we have any chance of winning is that of Ted Cruz, who is being challenged by Beto O’Rourke (but the author of this post attacked him for being sane).

But I really got a kick when I clicked the link. The author (ursulafaw) was cheering over a Green candidate in Arizona (Angela Green, who I actually endorsed) dropping out, and expressed enthusiasm over — get this — Kyrsten Sinema.

Putting aside my grudge against her for defeating Justice Democrat Deedra Abboud in the primary, Kyrsten Sinema is absolutely godawful.

She’s a New Democrat who supports austerity and deregulation (strike one, you’re out). But even though she supports cutting funding for some things, she’s okay with keeping our military budget bloated.

She’s a war hawk who wants “aggressive action to defeat ISIS and other overseas threats.” She actually thinks ISIS is a threat to us. She literally said, “The Islamic State is a legitimate, immediate threat to the United States.” This is contrary to what our own intelligence officials have said — they’ve made it very clear that ISIS is not a legitimate, immediate threat to the United States.

She’s raved on and on about rising student loan debt, but I have yet to hear her come out in support of tuition-free college or student debt cancellation.

She voted against net neutrality. You’d think the Democrats would be unified in their support for net neutrality, but Kyrsten Sinema opposes it. (That might be because she’s taken $134,046 from ISP’s, including $25,225 from Comcast.)

And, worst of all, she opposes Medicare for All.

Ursulafaw actually thinks that the 6% that would’ve gone to Angela Green will go to Sinema.

Bullshit. Angela Green supports a Green New Deal, non-interventionism, tuition-free college, student debt cancellation, net neutrality, and Medicare for All. That’s why her supporters supported her.

And I could tell you something: they would rather drink a cup of Charlie Sheen’s saliva than vote for Kyrsten Sinema.