Joshua Lee Collins - 2020 congressional candidate running on $20 minimum wage


By THOMAS REICH | NOV 21, 2018

A 25-year-old progressive truck driver from Washington's 10th congressional district named Joshua Lee Collins will be primarying incumbent Denny Heck in 2020.

I usually don't do this because I care mostly about policy, but before we actually dive into his platform, let me tell you a little bit about him.

For starters, Joshua's 25, meaning he grew up during the Recession. His working class family was hit hard. He's been working 50-70 hour weeks since he was 15. I wanted to mention this because I think it really shapes his platform.

He supports Medicare for All, a New (Green) New Deal, bank regulation, ending the wars, and - get this - a $20 an hour minimum wage.

A $20 minimum wage.

We're finally here. Until now, I've only dreamed about a Democrat endorsing a $20 minimum wage. And now we have Joshua Lee Collins running on it.

His slogan is "Out with the sold, in with the true."

He is a great candidate, and now's the perfect time to donate to his campaign.


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