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There will be no peace in Yemen

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 20, 2018

Apparently, the Houthis and the terrorist Saudis are looking towards a ceasefire after a Houthi leader promised to end their rocket and drone attacks against the Saudi-led coalition.

"We are willing to freeze and stop military operations on all fronts to reach a just and honourable peace if they really want peace for the Yemeni people," said Mohammed Ali al-Houthi, head of the group's Supreme Revolutionary Committee.

If you've read at least one of my other posts about North Korea or Cameroon, or if you've seen one of my videos about Syria, Iran, or Russia, you'd know that I'm one of the most vehement anti-war activists on the Internet.

With that being said, the Houthis need to keep fighting.

The Saudis don't really want peace. It's a trap.

Even if the Houthis stop fighting, I can promise you the Saudis will keep dropping the bombs (that we gave them).

If the Houthis stop fighting, there won't be peace; they'll just …

Don't get too excited about the midterm results

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 12, 2018

As we all know, the Democrats flipped the House, where they now hold 225 seats. The Republican governors of Illinois, Kansas, and Wisconsin have been ousted. It really is the blue wave that everyone hoped for.

It wasn't the one I hoped for, and I'll tell you why.

For starters, there were 44 congressional candidates endorsed by Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, Brand New Congress, and the Democratic Socialists of America that ran in the general. Only twelve won. Twelve. And five of them were incumbents. And of the other seven, five of them were longtime Democratic politicians, some of whom, like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar, are succeeding semi-progressives. Only two (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley) unseated Establishment Democrats in their primaries.

We only have two additional progressives in the House.

"Thomas, you just have to look at the other individual candidates that won."

Okay. There's Sharice Davids. Sound familiar…

Three states fight net neutrality

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 04, 2018

Twenty-two states have taken a stand against Corrupt Ajit Pai and have challenged the FCC's net neutrality repeal in a lawsuit.

But the attorney generals of Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska have filed a brief defending Pai and urging federal judges to reject the lawsuit.

Texas, Arkansas, and Nebraska are overriding the will of the people and fighting net neutrality.

They want you to have slow and expensive internet.

Now, midterms are in two days.

Justin Nelson is challenging Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is the lead signatory of the brief. I wouldn't consider him much of a progressive, but he sure isn't Droopy Eyed Ken Paxton (who is also being indicted on corruption charges), and he does support net neutrality.

Go out and vote for Nelson.

Rebuttal to idiotic endorsement of right-wing Democrat

By THOMAS REICH | NOV 04, 2018

I was poking around on Twitter (follow me @treich42602) when a Daily Kos post entitled “We Might Have Just Picked Up Another Senate Seat” caught my eye.

The title really piqued my curiosity, given that nearly all of the Democrats challenging incumbent Republican Senators are incredibly pathetic. The only seat that we have any chance of winning is that of Ted Cruz, who is being challenged by Beto O’Rourke (but the author of this post attacked him for being sane).

But I really got a kick when I clicked the link. The author (ursulafaw) was cheering over a Green candidate in Arizona (Angela Green, who I actually endorsed) dropping out, and expressed enthusiasm over — get this — Kyrsten Sinema.

Putting aside my grudge against her for defeating Justice Democrat Deedra Abboud in the primary, Kyrsten Sinema is absolutely godawful.

She’s a New Democrat who supports austerity and deregulation (strike one, you’re out). But even though she supports cutting funding for so…