Ro Khanna introduces resolution to pull out of Yemen


By THOMAS REICH | OCT 10, 2018

As you may have heard, Ro Khanna has introduced HConRes138, a resolution aimed at ending US involvement in Yemen. (But if you haven't heard, don't worry, because I barely found out about this, which should tell you just how pathetic mainstream media is.)

He introduced a similar resolution last year that was supposedly "agreed to." Bernie also introduced a similar resolution that was shot down 55-44.

But our involvement in Yemen has gained so much more coverage and disapproval since then that even CNN has called it out.

"This time around, our coalition to end the war has expanded and the call for withdrawing US involvement is louder," said Khanna.

So far, the resolution has 41 cosponsors (including 2 Republicans!).

No one knows for sure when the vote will take place. (One girl said that it might even take place tomorrow.)

As usual, Khanna is bringing pride back to the word "Democrat."

Call your representative at 202-899-8938 and shame them into voting yes.


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