"Small government" conservatives call for gigantic government

The Commentator

By THOMAS REICH | SEP 01, 2018

Fox News just sunk to a new level of authoritarian snowflakism.

Steve Hilton, former director of strategy for disgraced British Prime Minister David Cameron (obviously an awesome strategist), went on The Story with Martha MacCallum on Fox News to talk about the recent shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville, Florida, and he advocated for - get this - banning kids from playing video games and using smartphones.

"When we think of other risks to children and their health - for example, smoking - we actually take action and we ban those things for young people, and I think that there's a role for that now for things like overuse of smartphones and games," said Hilton. "We can step in and say, 'This is not supposed to be how kids should be raised,' and we could do something about it."

"Yeah, I think you're so right," said McCallum. "You know I think people used to smoke cigarettes at 13, 14 years old, now you’ve got people, you know, using this stuff all day long at those young ages and I think there’s going to come a time in our society when we look back and say, 'Can you believe we let kids play those games for hours and hours in their cars, in their bedrooms, in the basement?' Um, something we really need to wake up to."

This of course is supposed to be an alternative to implementing extremely popular, common sense basic gun reforms such as universal background checks (which 90% of Americans and 74% of NRA members support).

The network made up of supposedly "small government" conservatives say we can't have mild, vanilla gun control, because that would be against freedom, but we can ban kids from "overusing" smartphones and video games.

Do you know what that would be? A gigantic amount of government.

I'm not in favor of banning kids from doing things from spending too much time on the devices. I'm not even in favor of enforcing age limits for smoking.

Why? Because I actually care about freedom. I'm actually libertarian. I'm actually reasonable, and I know that it's the parent's job, not the government's job, to make sure that their kids aren't acting like anti-social little shits. And I know that even if they do overuse technology or smoke, they're not harming anyone else (although we should consider second-hand smoke).

However, I would break with most libertarians in saying that I do believe we should enforce universal background checks, because if criminals (or kids) are able to have full, unchecked access to pistols, semi-automatic rifles, and automatic rifles, they can very well harm others.

Last time I checked, Fox News does still think that they're a serious news outlet.