Nicki Minaj wrestles intelligence, loses

By THOMAS REICH | SEP 12, 2018

Nicki Minaj is a fucking idiot.

We all remember all the stupid stuff she's said in the past, but this has to top it all off.

"!!!!!!New Yorkers & all NYCHA residents its time to get JUSTICE, VOTE Thur. Sept. 13 for Gov. Cuomo, Lt. Gov. Hochul & Tish James.  They know how to work for the people to make NY even GREATER.  Spread the word.  See you at the Polls!!!!!!" Minaj tweeted.

She actually fully endorsed the uber-corrupt Andrew Cuomo.

There are so many things that I love about this.

First, I love how terribly incoherent she is.

Secondly, I love how excited she is over Andrew Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo. She's getting excited over the human embodiment of stale bread. ("I'll have you know that he's a Muslim, Jewish, black, gay, disabled woman seeking to control her own body!")

Lastly, I love how she's saying this as if Cuomo isn't already governor and he's gonna bring great changes once he's elected.

Hey, Nicki. He's been governor for seven years now.  What has he done for New York? Yes, he did restore voting rights for freed convicts (which is good), but that's it.

New York ranks 19th in infrastructure, 24th in healthcare outcomes, 35th in literacy (which explains Nicki), and, best of all, first in corrupt officials. And Cuomo is one of them. He halted the Harvey Weinstein probe after Rapey gave him a donation.

He hasn't given New York justice. He doesn't know how to work for the people. He hasn't made New York "even GREATER."

Nicki, if you actually cared about justice, the people, and making New York great, you'd be endorsing Cynthia Nixon.

Cardi B is so much better than you.

(Hey, she isn't the first edgy individual to endorse Cuomo over Nixon.)