Deep State killing Assange and WikiLeaks


By THOMAS REICH | SEP 30, 2018

Julian Assange is not doing so well.

After six months of being held incommunicado, he has stepped down from his role as editor-in-chief of WikiLeaks and appointed Kristinn Hrafnsson to replace him.

It gets much worse.

Having spent 2,293 days cooped up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London (as of today), his physical and mental health is rapidly deteriorating.

"We are very concerned about his health; he has been locked up in the embassy for more than six years, without proper access to medical care," attorney Jennifer Robinson told Nacio Digital.

"The Embassy is not equipped for prolonged detention to provide a reasonable environment...the prolonged uncertainty of indefinite detention deeply affects the psychological and physical trauma above and beyond the expected stressors of incarceration," she continued.

Ladies and gentlemen, Julian Assange is dying. He's been rotting in the embassy without sufficient healthcare for more than six years. He can't stay, or he'll die.

But if he leaves the embassy to get care, British authorities will arrest him, and will risk being extradited to the US, where he'll probably be executed. He can't leave, or he'll die.

He has the choice of either staying in the embassy and dying, or leaving the embassy and facing arrest, extradition, and execution.

The Deep State has long tried to kill Assange. Now they may succeed.

Even though he stepped down as editor-in-chief, he is still the heart of WikiLeaks. Without him, there is no WikiLeaks.

They're trying to pierce through the heart of WikiLeaks. They're trying to do away with WikiLeaks once and for all.

If WikiLeaks falls, it will be up to us to carry the torch lit by Assange. It will be up to us to bring transparency to powerful institutions.

It may be a daunting undertaking. You may be targeted.

Just remember what a white-haired Australian once said: "Courage is contagious."


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