Who is Bill Cimbrelo?

Bill Cimbrelo/Twitter

By THOMAS REICH | AUG 15, 2018

As you may know, unfortunately, Kaniela Ing lost the HI-01 primary to corporate Blue Dog Ed Case, who outspent him (with corporate money, of course) and received more coverage by the mainstream media.

Brent Welder also lost KS-03, and though there's a chance the primary was rigged, the fact that he too received little coverage factors into his loss greatly.

Our guys lost because the mainstream media ignored them.

So how did Alex Ocasio-Cortez win?

Independent media sites like Evil Liberals talked about her, and y'all spread the word on social media. (Y'all are awesome!)

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of that for Kaniela or Brent, and I'm very afraid that there won't be enough for Bill Cimbrelo.

Who is Bill Cimbrelo?

Cimbrelo is an Argentine-born environmental chemist who's running for the House in Massachusetts's 9th congressional district against incumbent New Democrat Bill Keating.

He supports Medicare for All, tuition-free college, universal housing, a green new deal, a living wage, a federal jobs guarantee act, cutting military spending, increasing infrastructure spending, and campaign finance reform. And of course, to top it all off, he's free from corporate PAC money.

Check out his incredibly policy-heavy campaign ad.

So he's a Justice Democrat, right?


Is he an Our Revolution candidate?


Though he's right in line with the JD and OR platform, he has not been endorsed (or even mentioned) by either of them. I have, however, emailed his team about asking for a JD endorsement, so Bill, if you're reading this (and you probably are because you follow me on Twitter), ask for a damn endorsement!

Even though a JD endorsement will help him out, he still has to tackle the major obstacle that I mentioned above: insufficient media coverage.

The mainstream media has its tongue so for up the Democratic Establishment's butthole that they'll shower Keating in nothing but positive coverage, and will try their best to shut out any mention of Mr. Cimbrelo.

But unfortunately for them, they have one potential obstacle that they didn't account for: you.

Bill needs your help. The media won't cover him (or war crimes in Yemen, for that matter), so it's up to y'all, my good readers, to spread the word. Tell your friends in Massachusetts's 9th to vote for Bill Cimbrelo on September 4th.

And while you're at it, please donate to Bill's campaign.