Was the KS-03 primary rigged?

Brent Welder for Congress/Facebook

By THOMAS REICH | AUG 11, 2018

Unfortunately, Justice Democrat Brent Welder lost the Democratic primary in Kansas's 3rd congressional district on Monday to wrestler Sharice Davids, who is being hailed by the mainstream media for being a Native American lesbian. (Awesome job at focusing on policy, guys.)

I don't need to tell you bad this already is on the surface. The JD platform is extremely popular, even in deep red states like Kansas. The Democrat's current strategy of trying to run a centrist platform based on identity politics and vacuous talking points has almost always resulted in the Republicans taking hold of our government. (Remember 2016?!)

It gets much worse - possibly even conspiratorial.

The polls were showing that Brent was leading.
Then, suddenly, there was an "error" in the voting machines.

The progressive was leading. They found an "error". The Establishment candidate won.

Are we just supposed to swallow this?

Was it hacked by malevolent, anti-progressive forces?

Was it rigged?

Who knows? The Democratic Establishment has a history of rigging primaries. I point to 2016 again. The level at which the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie was far worse than anyone could've possibly imagined.

But maybe they broke their record.


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