Obama, Humana CEO receiving human rights award

Carlos Barria/Reuters

By THOMAS REICH | AUG 11, 2018

Obama is getting a human rights award.

Obama. Getting a human rights award.

This is irony on steroids.

Yes, Obama is to receive the Robert F. Kennedy Ripple of Hope Award (an award honoring global leaders of various fields for "their exceptional work toward a more just and peaceful world"), alongside New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Discovery CEO David Zaslav, and Humana CEO Bruce Broussard.

Double the irony: the CEO of Humana is also getting the award. A CEO from an industry that price gouges, steals taxpayer money, fails at its purpose, and has death panels is receiving a human rights award.

But back to the larger scandal: Obama.

This is an insult to actual human rights activists.

Under Obama's presidency, we went from being involved in two wars to being involved in seven. He ordered 563 drone strikes (almost 10 times the amount under Dubya), resulting in anywhere from 384 to 807 dead civilians, including a 16-year-old American citizen.

He quite possibly was involved in the DNC's assassination of Seth Rich.

He expanded the warrantless spying of Americans by the NSA.

Do you think Edward Snowden thinks he deserves this award?

Better question: don't you think Edward Snowden deserves this award? I do. Instead, he's hiding in Russia thanks to Obama. (Doesn't sound very pro-human rights.)

How about Julian Assange? Think he's happy about this?

Who deserves the award more, Obama or Assange? Assange. What did he get for exposing Obama's war crimes (remember Collateral Murder)? Fabricated rape allegations forcing him into hiding in an Ecuadorian embassy (which he's being kicked out of).

Saying that Obama should get a human rights award is like saying Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize (but some idiots actually think that).

Barack Obama, the drone strike and mass surveillance president, is receiving a human rights award.



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