Bill Cimbrelo calls for Bush administration to be prosecuted

By THOMAS REICH | AUG 18, 2018

Bill Cimbrelo is stepping in hot water with the Establishment.

So you know he's doing something right.

On Thursday
, he tweeted a poll.

"Should there be a Congressional hearing to prosecute and convict the perpetrators of the lies and deceptions (former Pres. Bush et al.) leading up to the slaughter of 1000's of innocent Iraqis and our US Military, so others do not continue to act with impunity[?]" Cimbrelo tweeted.

At least 420 of the total 428 who answered the poll answered yes (including myself, of course). That means 98% agreed that we should prosecute Dubya and his administration for lying and pushing us into the Iraq War, which killed around 200,000 Iraqi civilians.

Cimbrelo asked whether or not we should prosecute them, so he didn't specifically call for their prosecution.

But we know what he stands for. We know that he was expecting most people to say yes. We know what he was suggesting.

He did what very few Democratic politicians would do: call for Bush's prosecution.

The Establishment will target him, and I'm sure he will welcome it.

Hey, Bill, while you're at it, go ahead and throw in the bankers who crashed our economy.

(You can donate to his campaign here.)