US ally Cameroon brutally executes women and children

The Intercept

By THOMAS REICH | JUL 28, 2018

The Intercept released a disturbing video showing Cameroonian soldiers brutally executing two women and two children accused of being Boko Haram terrorists.

As t
he soldiers led
the group down the road, one of the them hit one of the women and told her, "BH [short for Boko Haram]! You are going to die!"

The soldiers then led them off the road. They blindfolded them with their own shirts (except for the young boy) and made them kneel down in the dirt.

"This hurts us but your parents have put us in a..." one of the soldiers told the children.

Moments later, they fired on the group.

After 22 seconds of gunfire, one of the soldiers walked over to the bodies to inspect them.

"The child is still alive," he said standing over the little girl, before another soldier shot her one last time.

You would think that the US would call out this act of state-sponsored terrorism, right?


In fact, we have given Cameroon $111 million in military aid (which is meant for them to kill actual Boko Haram terrorists instead of women and children). They are considered one of our closest African allies.

It's so strange that our government has funded terrorists to try to fight other terrorists.

Imagine this radical idea: what if we didn't give any foreign aid at all? What if we spent all of our money on the United States of America? What if
we focused on bettering the lives of Americans rather than on killing civilians in developing countries?

Radical, right?


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