The Greys should go on a game show to pay for their healthcre


By THOMAS REICH | JUL 17, 2018

We've finally reached a new low.

You may have heard of TruTV's new trivia show, Paid Off, in which three contestants must compete to see which one of them will have their entire student loan debt paid off.

We've also reached another low.

Jake and Maria Grey, a couple in Texas, are actually considering divorcing in order to pay for their 6-year-old daughter's healthcare.

Their daughter, Brighton, has Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome and requires around-the-clock care. Jake (who is a veteran) makes $40,000 a year, which is too much to qualify for Medicaid, so the Greys have to spend 30% of their income on Brighton's care.

If they were to divorce, Maria, who would be single and unemployed, would qualify for Medicaid.

We have perfect examples from each of our nation's two greatest economic problems, and we can see clearly the severity of those problems and the lengths at which working and middle class Americans must go to solve them. Medical bills are the biggest cause for bankruptcy in the US. The total student debt in the US is $1.4 trillion.

And now we have a game show that seeks to take advantage of one of these issues.

But how close are we to see the same for the other?

Someone quipped on Twitter that "we're getting scary close to people wrestling for a kidney on live TV."

Yep. We are. We really are.

What we see here is clear evidence of the steady moral and economic decay of our country. We have a corporate class that is so morally bankrupt, that not only are they trying to shut down any discussion of universal healthcare and college (both of which the majority of Americans support) and brand them as "radical" (oh, the irony), but they also seek to further monetize and laugh at the suffering of working and middle class Americans.

Hey, maybe the Greys should try to go on a game show to win money for Brighton's care.


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