Ecuador to evict Assange

Niklas Halle'n/Getty Images

By THOMAS REICH | JUL 22, 2018

Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno is finalizing an agreement to withdraw WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's asylum status, evict him from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, and hand him over to the Brits.

A source close to the Ecuadorian President's office told the Intercept that Moreno is close to finalizing (or has possibly already finalized) an agreement to hand Assange over to the clutches of British authorities within weeks, even as early as this week.

It's possible that after acquiring Assange, the UK will extradite him to the US, where top officials in the Trump administration, like Secretary of State (and known war hawk) Mike Pompeo, have vowed to criminally prosecute him and dismantle WikiLeaks. (Our government still isn't too happy about Assange and WikiLeaks disclosing information about their human rights and civil liberties abuses to the public, because fuck the people, am I right?)

Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa blasted Moreno (who was Correa's VP) for being "subservient" and "submissive" to western governments. (He made that sound way hotter than it had to be.)

The best-case scenario is that Assange lands in a British prison.

We live in a world where people like Julian Assange, who has devoted his career to empowering the people and exposing human rights abuses and corruption, face prison time, and, if he is extradited to here, possibly death.



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