Senate increases military budget while 40 million Americans struggle with poverty


By THOMAS REICH | JUN 25, 2018

The 2019 military budget just passed the Senate about a week ago with an 85-to-10 vote.

We don't know who exactly voted for or against the bill (we could assume that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren voted against it), but what we do know is that 89% of the so-called opposition party voted to increase our already bloated military budget.

So how much was this increase? An extra $82 billion for our military.

So what's our total military budget in 2019? We will be spending $716 billion on our military.

The Democrats are "resisting" Trump so much and think he's such a danger that they voted to give him the largest military budget since the height of the Iraq War, which was $805 billion in 2011 (though I have no doubt that we'll top that in 2020). That's like giving the village drunk a rocket launcher.

The Republicans are such deficit hawks when it comes to spending for things that are actually beneficial to the people (like Medicare and Social Security, which happen to be the most popular government programs in the country), but they have fuck all to say about spending billions on new F-35's (because the old ones weren't good enough).

Our government is wasting massively on what's already the largest military in the world, while at home, 45,000 Americans die every year due to lack of basic healthcare, our infrastructure has a grade of D+, and, according to a new UN report, 40 million Americans are struggling with poverty.

Bonus: 18.5 million are dealing with extreme poverty.

So did our administration address this in a serious matter?


No. Instead, it took the opportunity to attack the UN and...Bernie, for urging Trump to better address our clearly horrendous poverty problem.

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley dismissed the report as "misleading and politically motivated". (It's worth noting that she said this two days after announcing our withdrawal from the Human Rights Council for its "anti-Israel bias.)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a country whose government cares more about killing Syrians than it does about the quality of life of its people.



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