Neoliberal Senate Dems fight diplomacy with North Korea

Alex Wong/Getty Images

By THOMAS REICH | JUN 17, 2018

Let me set the record straight.

Do I believe that Trump is a war hawk? Of course I do. He's bombing eight different countries, killing more civilians than Obama, legitimizing the regimes in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Israel, and giving support to the "moderate" jihadist rebels in Syria, who are hell-bent on overthrowing the secular, anti-jihadist, government in Syria (which is fighting ISIS). The very idea that he should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is truly offensive and insulting to Peace Prize laureates, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a truly pathetic human being.

However, do I believe that diplomacy with North Korea, regardless of what party said diplomat is from, is a step in the right direction? I really do. Credit where credit is due, Trump is indeed acting presidential for once, and I do support his attempts to denuclearize and pacify North Korea. Why? Because I am principled in my support for peace, and I'm not a partisan hack.

We all know who the hacks are - the Democratic establishment.

Seven Democratic Senators - including Chuck Schumer, Dick Durbin, and Dianne Feinstein (imagine my shock) - signed a letter warning against diplomacy and urging that Kim Jong-un meet certain demands.

On the face of it, it seems perfectly reasonable that they would want some sort of outline for the deal that involves denuclearization - until you consider the fact that denuclearization was the entire fucking purpose for the peace talks!

Now think, what's the real reason why these seven Dems would object to peace talks with North Korea? Maybe because all seven of them are known war hawks who haven't met a war they didn't like. Schumer even gave full support for Trump bombing Syria a while back.

Also because they won't fully support peace talks unless it's a Democrat who's the main diplomat. Ro Khanna brought up this excellent point.

"Imagine if it weren’t Donald Trump there but if it were Barack Obama there having that kind of breakthrough," Khanna said. "I think there would be a reaction from almost every progressive Democrat cheering that on."

He's absolutely right. This is essentially standard Republican hypocrisy and partisanship coming from Democrats. (But the Democrats in question vote with Republicans most of the time, so we shouldn't be surprised.)

In contrast, Khanna, along with 14 other Democratic Congressmen, signed another letter supporting Trump's diplomatic efforts.

It would seem that Khanna redeemed himself after stabbing the Left in the back by endorsing corporate Democrat Joe Crowley over progressive Justice Democrat Alex Ocasio-Cortez in New York's 14th District's primary. (I cried myself to sleep.)