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Senate increases military budget while 40 million Americans struggle with poverty

By THOMAS REICH | JUN 25, 2018

The 2019 military budget just passed the Senate about a week ago with an 85-to-10 vote.

We don't know who exactly voted for or against the bill (we could assume that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren voted against it), but what we do know is that 89% of the so-called opposition party voted to increase our already bloated military budget.

So how much was this increase? An extra $82 billion for our military.

So what's our total military budget in 2019? We will be spending $716 billion on our military.

The Democrats are "resisting" Trump so much and think he's such a danger that they voted to give him the largest military budget since the height of the Iraq War, which was $805 billion in 2011 (though I have no doubt that we'll top that in 2020). That's like giving the village drunk a rocket launcher.

The Republicans are such deficit hawks when it comes to spending for things that are actually beneficial to the people (like Medicare…

Schumer rejects proposal to keep families together

By THOMAS REICH | JUN 21, 2018 

I am in complete shock; the Republicans actually proposed a bill to stop the separation of families at the border.

Even more shocking: it was introduced by Ted Cruz - Ted Fucking Cruz!

Make no mistake about it though. Being a Republican proposal (introduced by Ted Fucking Cruz), it sucks in many ways. It would impose more restrictions on asylum seekers, and it includes funding for Trump's fanciful border wall.

But it would tackle some problems that the Democrats' bill fails to address. It includes an increase of immigration courts, which is absolutely great - there are about 62 immigration courts in the entire country. Judges are overwhelmed with cases (and unlike regular judges, they can actually be fired for being too slow), and a lot of the time, legal immigrants, and even natural-born citizens end up being deported.

There was a case back in 2008 of an mentally disabled American citizen named Mark Lyttle - who, by the way, was not even Hispanic at…

Neoliberal Senate Dems fight diplomacy with North Korea

By THOMAS REICH | JUN 17, 2018

Let me set the record straight.

Do I believe that Trump is a war hawk? Of course I do. He's bombing eight different countries, killing more civilians than Obama, legitimizing the regimes in Saudi Arabia, Russia and Israel, and giving support to the "moderate" jihadist rebels in Syria, who are hell-bent on overthrowing the secular, anti-jihadist, government in Syria (which is fighting ISIS). The very idea that he should be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is truly offensive and insulting to Peace Prize laureates, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a truly pathetic human being.

However, do I believe that diplomacy with North Korea, regardless of what party said diplomat is from, is a step in the right direction? I really do. Credit where credit is due, Trump is indeed acting presidential for once, and I do support his attempts to denuclearize and pacify North Korea. Why? Because I am principled in my support for peace, and I'm not a partisa…

Bible passage cited by AG akso used to justify slavery and Nazi Regime

By THOMAS REICH | JUN 16, 2018

We've already established how wrong it was for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to cite Bible verse Romans 13 to try to justify separating families. Here's a bonus: that particular verse has been used to defend other horrendous policies throughout history.
According to American history professor John Fea from Messiah College, in the 1840's and 1850's, Romans 13 was used to defend - drumroll, please - slavery.
"(It) is invoked by defenders of the South or defenders of slavery to ward off abolitionists who believed that slavery is wrong," Fea told The Washington Post. "I mean, this is the same argument that Southern slaveholders and the advocates of a Southern way of life made.”
But wait. That's not all.
Apparently, Romans 13 was used to justify - of all things - the Nazi regime.
According to the Reverend Rob Saler, executive director for the Center for Pastoral Excellence at Indianapolis' Christian Theological Seminary, Roma…

AG Jeff Sessions attempts to use the Bible to justify seperating families


On Thursday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made a horrific ass of himself by trying to use the Bible to defend the separation of families illegally crossing the border.

"I would cite you to the apostle Paul and his clear and wise command in Romans 13," Sessions said at a speech in Fort Wayne, Indiana, "to obey the laws of the government because God has ordained the government for his purposes."

This is so wrong for three reasons.
First, we cannot cite the Bible for any legal matter. Period. We are strictly a secular nation, free from any religious influence in our government
Second, hypothetically, even if we were the theocratic state that the Republicans long for so much, how the hell can we use Romans 13 to justify the separation of children from their mothers?
Third, let's just say that we lived in this dominionist theocracy and we weren't talking about separating families, but instead about illegal immigration itself. For a book …